Dear Katie,

You are amazing in the kitchen! Thanks for leading us in English cooking. It was pure deliciousness.You even made peas taste good. Amazing!


Animal In A Bag


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Car Wash

Start selling ad space Everyone!

Businesses that we have gone to:

  • Banks Subway
  • Main street Pizza
  • Banks Vet
  • Banks Chinese restaurant
  • Banks pharmacy
  • Do not go to Jim’s Thriftway, they are donating the water and the space.

 Ideas of where we want to go:

  • Banks Curves
  • Banks Mini Spa
  • Tae-kwon-do (someone who does this should go here)
  • Bike repair shop
  • Five star builders
  • Malmead plumbing
  • Sunset Park
  • Banks Trail Cafe
  • Banks Cafe
  • Forest Grove restaurants
  • Other Random Businesses everywhere



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English Food

It’s my (Katie’s) turn to choose the food that reflects my heritage.  We are making Chicken Pot Pie for dinner with Shortbread and fresh fruit for dessert.  Here is a list of ingredients to bring.  Each person needs to bring 2 items.  Please sign up in the comments and your name will be added to the list below. (Updated–Thanks Courtney)

  • Butter (x2)- Olivia
  • Flour- Laurel
  • basil, salt, pepper- Laurel
  • Mushroom soup- Kate
  • Chicken- Kate
  • Carrots- Rose
  • Celery- Rose
  • Onion- Lucy
  • Garlic- Lucy
  • Potatoes- Sophie
  • Sugar- Sophie
  • Berries- Abby
  • Frozen Peas- Abby
  • Fruit- Brandi

See you at the meeting!

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Welcome to Our New Blog

We are giving this blog a try to see if it solves our communication issues. Subscribe to the feed to receive emails when new posts are added. So exciting!

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